About Us

Your trusted lawyer for even the toughest cases

The Law Office of Roxana Amini is a general practice law office that provides experienced and effective representation to clients in California. The firm limits the number of cases it handles in order to provide its clients with highly personalized representation.

The firm’s principal, Roxana Amini, Esq. is mindful of her clients’ needs and always focuses on resolving matters as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


As a solo practitioner, I take pride in maintaining a high level of ethics while aggressively advocating the best interests of my clients. I have represented individuals, families, and businesses (large and small) since 2011— successfully arguing against larger and seemingly “more sophisticated” firms on my clients’ behalf.


The work I do with individuals and families can be deeply personal and requires a level of care and concern for all parties involved. Whether handling a contentious divorce, custody battle, estate plan, or real estate matter, I recognize I have been entrusted with people’s livelihoods and wellbeing and value developing genuine and trusting relationships with my clients. I believe this is why I am fortunate to have referral and repeat business.

I am especially passionate about cases involving domestic violence, child custody, and immigration matters.


Clients choose me because they know I am honest, aggressive, and efficient. As such, I limit my caseload and do not accept all cases, as I prefer to use my expertise, time, and effort in providing meaningful representation and resolving genuine problems. Whether appearing in court or interacting with other lawyers, I believe professional integrity and a stellar reputation are invaluable.


  • Attorney California Bar