Family Law

Family Law

When working with individuals and families it is my aim to make the process as transparent as possible. Sometimes clients come to me with a clear plan in place- for example during the pre-marital planning stages when they are looking for assistance on prenuptial agreements. Other times, when circumstances are dire, such as in cases involving domestic violence, I help clients figure out their next steps in the midst of chaos.

Understanding the Divorce Process

The end of a relationship can be fraught with more than just emotional turmoil but also a range of legal issues to navigate. A divorce or dissolution of marriage might involve child custody matters, complex property division and a slew of other issues unique to your case. Annulments may be an appropriate option for some, depending on their circumstances.

I help clients understand the family law process as it relates to all types of partnerships including domestic partnerships and same sex marriages.

When Children are Involved

In a legal separation that involves minors, issues like child support and child visitation will need to be negotiated with their best interests in mind. In cases where there is a dispute about the paternity of a child, a DNA test may be required. Working toward an amicable solution when possible is the best way to approach children’s matters.

Property Settlement and Asset Division

Money tends to be a very contentious issue when it comes to separation. During the mediation process it might be possible to negotiate alimony or spousal support. Even after a settlement has seemingly been reached there might be times in the future where it may be appropriate to consider a modification of support.

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